Jmx Tomcat using Jconsole

Apache Tomcat

Below steps can be followed to JMX tomcat using a jconsole remote connection.
1.    Login to the server where memory growth is found

2.    Navidate to the ‘CATALINA_HOME/bin’ location

3.    Open ‘’ and add following properties at the starting of the script

CATALINA_OPTS="<PortNumber> -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=<ServerName>"

PortNumber = Any port number which is not used (use netstat -a command to identify used port numbers)
ServerName = Name of the host on which tomcat is running (UBS distributed server name where memory growth is found)

4.    Restart tomcat services


5.    Following steps can be run from any system where JDK is available (any desktop machine)

a.    Navigate to the JAVA_HOME/bin location from command prompt
b.    Type ‘jconsole’ and enter (Jconsole window opens)
c.    Select ‘Remote Process’
d.    Enter ServerName and PortNumber in following format (use same details from step1)
e.    Enter Server Username and password
f.    Click on Connect button
g.    Capture Memory details and VM Summary details

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