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The WebLogic Apache http plug-in handles WebLogic session persistence, even if a session is routed to a different Apache server during the session.

So, is it really required for ease of tracking a session through a particular web server?

If they have a LB sitting in front of a farm of Apache instances, then there is no need for session persistence at F5. Weblogic plugin will be able to properly route the request to WLS based on the session cookie.

If the LB was the one directly fronting the WebLogic Cluster, then they would use active/passive session persistence on F5 in order for F5 to keep directing the request to the WLS instance where the primary session exists.

Base is that we dont need active and passive session persistence if the config is like client->LB->apache->WLS.
We do need active and passive session persistence if it’s client->LB->WLS then they should use the session persistence at F5.

For more info on load balancing can be checked at: Load Balancing in a Cluster

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