JRockit Mission Control Configuration Steps


Mission Control is a monitoring and troubleshooting application provided with Oracle JRockit. From a monitoring point of view, Mission Control provides a Management Console to monitor the garbage-collection behavior, processor utilization by the JVM, memory allocation, thread utilization, and some other useful monitoring metrics.

Mission Control is a standalone application, so it must be started either locally from the same machine that WebLogic is running on or from a remote workstation.

Oracle JRockit must be downloaded and installed in the Windows desktop. Download Oracle JRockit 6 for Microsoft Windows at Jrockit Downloads.

Here we will enable Jrockit Mission control in Manage_server01 in weblogic admin console.

1. Access the Administration Console with your web browser at http://adminhost.domain.local:7001/console.

2. Click on the Lock & Edit button to start a new edit session.

3. Click on the plus sign to open the Environment tree on the left and then click Servers.

4. Click on the Manage_server01 link and then click the Server Start tab.

Weblogic Server Start Tab

5. Add the following to the Arguments field and click on the Save button:

-Xmanagement:autodiscovery=false,authenticate=false,ssl=false,interface=mysrv.domain.local,port=8081 -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=mysrv.domain.local -Djavax.management.builder.initial=weblogic.management.jmx.mbeanserver.WLSMBeanServerBuilder

6. Click on the Activate Changes button.

7. Restart Manage_server01.

Start Mission Control on the desktop, as follows:

1. Start Mission Control by double-clicking on the Oracle JRockit Mission Control icon.

2. On the JVM Browser panel to the left, right-click on the Connectors folder and click on the New Connection option.

JRockit Mission Control

3. Type mysrv.domain.local in the Host field and 8081 in the Port field and click on the Finish button

JRockit Mission Control New Connection

4. Right-click on the newly created connection, mysrv.domain.local:8081, and click on the Start Console menu option.

JRockit Mission Control Start Console

Mission Control connects to the specified host and port defined in the Xmanagement start-up argument and starts monitoring the Managed_server01 JVM.

JRockit Mission Control Start Console Dashboard


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