cannot open TEMP post file ‘/tmp/_wl_proxy/_post_21626_12548’ | Apache

Apache HTTP Server

If you get errors from apache like below screen shot stating cannot open TEMP post file ‘/tmp/_wl_proxy/_post….’  then try below settings to avoid the errors.


Apache Bridge Failure

The above error usually comes when there are multiple apache/OHS are running on the same machine.Check if there is any other Apache process using mod_weblogic / mod_wl_ohs in the same box. If that’s the case you will need to define the WLTempDir directive on each Apache / OHS installation to point to different directories so they do not conflict.


Specifies the directory where a wlproxy.log will be created. If the location fails, the Plug-In resorts to creating the log file under C:/temp in Windows and /tmp in all Unix platforms.
Also specifies the location of the _wl_proxy directory for POST data files. When both WLTempDir and WLLogFile are set, WLLogFile will override as to the location of wlproxy.log. WLTempDir will still determine the location of _wl_proxy directory.

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