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Just-In-Time Compiling, or JIT, is a component of the IBM SDK designed to compile Java™ bytecode into native code. A Websphere JIT Compiler failure can occur while compiling Java bytecode into native code, while optimizing compiled code, or while executing the code that has been compiled.

Stack overflow, looping, crash, incorrect output, or High CPU.
A JIT failure can occur during compiling or when the compiled code is executed.

Resolving the problem
1.  Identifying the failing method
2.   Skipping the method
3.   Adjusting JIT optimization levels (if asked to do so)

Usually Skipping the method till we get a fix work. Below is the example of steps to perform to skip the problematic class/classes to avoid the problem

  1. Login to WAS admin console
  2. Navigate to Servers > WebSphere Application servers > ServerName
  3. Click the Java and Process Management under the Server Infrastructure section
  4. In the list that appears, click the Process Definition link
  5. In the Additional Properties section, click the Java Virtual Machine Link
  6. In the Additional Properties section, click the Custom Properties link
  7. Click the New button
  8. In the General Properties screen:
  9. Enter the Name as JITC_COMPILEOPT all caps.
  10. Enter the Value as following text (in one line)


  1. Enter the description as “JDBC driver related parameter” as mentioned above.
  2. Click the OK button.
  3. Save the changes to MASTER configuration.



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