Websphere EAR Deployment Steps

ibm websphere

To deploy EAR on cluster you need to choose cluster name as app server instead of the appserver name in this section.

i.    Login in to the WAS Admin console.
E.g.: http://wasserver:9060/ibm/console

ii.    Click on “Enterprise Applications” under Applications menu.

iii.    Click on Install button

iv.    In the “Preparing for the application installation” screen:
a. Select myappear.ear by browsing to the file, either “Local file system” or “Remote file system”
b. If you are using myappear installer, please choose “Remote file system” and the ‘myappear.ear’ is located under <myappear_Install_root>/war
Eg: /opt/myappear/war
c. Leave the “Context root” as blank.
d. Click on Next button.

v.    In the “Install New Application” screen:
a. Enter “/<myappear_Install_root>/myapp”, without quotes, for “Directory to install application”
E.g: /opt/myappear/myapp
b. Enter “myappear”, without quotes, for “Application name”
c. Click on Next button.

vi.    In the “Map modules to servers” screen:
a. Click on the check box against myappear.war and other wars included in EAR module.
b. Select both the App Server name and web server name under “Clusters and Servers”.
c. Click on Apply button next to “Clusters and Servers” list.
d. Once the page refreshes, click on Next button.

vii.    In the “Map virtual hosts for Web modules” screen:
a. Click on the check box against myappear.war, other wars  context roots included in EAR module.
b. Keep default Virtual Host value.
c. Click on Next button.

viii.    Click on the Finish button in the Summary page.

ix.    After the application myappear is installed successfully, click on the Save link, to save the changes made to the master configuration

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