Steps for Setting Oracle Driver Websphere

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Setting Custom Session Timeout

In case the Session timeout setting need to be changed, the following steps need to be performed:
1.    Logon to the WAS Admin Console
2.    Navigate to “Application servers > server1 > Session management” screen.
3.    In the Session Management screen, under General Properties section, Session timeout sub-section, make sure Set timeout is selected and enter the required value (in minutes), default value is 30 minutes.
4.    Click the OK button.
5.    In the messages section, click on Save link.
6.    Restart App Server for the setting to take effect.

Changing default Oracle Driver websphere

By default WebSphere is not configured to any Oracle Drivers. Some changes are to be made only in case WebSphere is custom configured with Oracle Driver other than ojdbc14.jar (version or higher).  We have the following either of the 2 options mentioned below:
1.    Delete the entry of the oracle driver. (You need to log in to the WAS Console as WAS administrator, in order to perform this step)
2.    (Recommended) Make sure that the latest ojdbc14.jar (version or higher) file (recommended / current Oracle Drivers) have been copied to the Application Server’s ORACLE_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH. Copy and paste ojdbc14.jar into the Application Server’s ORACLE_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH (opt/webapps/jdbc). To find out this path on the Application Server, login to the WAS Admin Console to verify the following two steps:

a.    Resources -> JDBC -> JDBC Providers ->  Oracle JDBCDriver -> General properties for cells:<WAS_CELL_NAME> ->  ClassPath=${ORACLE_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH}/ojdbc14.jar
b.    Websphere Variables - ORACLE_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH – e.g.: /opt/webapps/jdbc for Cell=vastg27Node01Cell

NOTE: If the driver is changed the WAS server will need a restart.

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