Websphere autostart at system reboot

If you want to enable websphere autostart when system reboots then please follow below steps to achieve the same.

1.Login to WAS Admin Console
2. Navigate to Applications > Enterprise Applications > ApplicationName > Target specific application status
3. check all the server and webserver associated with the deployment and click Enable Auto Restart. See screenshot below.
Auto start websphere
4. Check the status of AutoStart shall be Yes , then save the changes and logout.

5. Then put the commands given for rc.local and save it.

The commands which we use to start  can be put in /etc/rc.local file
This need to be done by the System administrator
/opt/IBM/HTTPServer/bin/adminctl start
/opt/IBM/HTTPServer/bin/apachectl start
/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01/bin/startServer.sh server1

change the path according to your installation

6.Restart the local QA machine and check everything is coming up correctly or not .

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