Weblogic java version check steps

I have installed a domain as a windows service.  How can I confirm that it is using a Sun Java JVM instead of JRockit?

-> You can check from the server log files where System properties are recorded in server log file when WLS is booted and JDK vendor info are included in system properties, for example,

java.vendor = Sun Microsystems Inc./Oracle Corporations(For newer Java versions)
java.vendor.url = http://java.sun.com/ or http://www.oracle.com

-> You can use the Admin Console to view the Java Vendor and Java Version used by WebLogic Server.

Go to Environment > Servers > YOUR SERVER > Monitoring > General

That page should have information similar to the following:

Java Vendor:     Sun Microsystems Inc./Oracle Corporation

Java Version:     1.7.0_51

weblogic java version

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