Mar 262015
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To gain insight into the JVM itself, Java monitoring tools are required. A number of tools come with the JDK it self. Here we will discuss all possible and freely available java monitoring tools for monitoring JVM health.
Here in this article we will discuss broad areas of below iteams using the Java Monitoring Tools for health checkup of JVM.

1. Basic VM information
2. Thread information
3. Class information
4. Live GC analysis
5. Heap dump postprocessing
6. Profiling a JVM
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Mar 122015
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Oracle Weblogic Server

Starting a weblogic server is very easy using the Oracle provided default scripts to manage lifecycle. There are many articles on the life cycle management of weblogic servers are written in For example:

wlst script example to manage weblogic server – TechPaste

wlst script example to start, stop and run as service – TechPaste

WLST script to deploy applications in Weblogic – TechPaste
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Mar 112015
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Oracle Database

When migrating or creating a backup of oracle database schema we usually use the expdp tool to export oracle database schema. We had  a requirement to take regular backups or export oracle database schema. To do same we created a simple script which takes few arguments like export directory, DB username, DB password , Oracle SID and schema name to export and store the file at a specific location.

This script is helpful if you want to generate backup dumps in regular intervals through some scheduled jobs like Cron or manually. This export oracle database schema script also gzip’s the final exported dump file to save disk space. Below is the script for your reference and sample outputs for the same.
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Feb 242015
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Content Management Systems

While owning a wordpress site and having active content it’s mandetory to backup your site time to time to avoid any undesirable situation like hacking and malware issues where you need to restore your site back to normal. So if you have regular backups then even incase your database goes corrupt you can go back to the normal working state if you have the backups.

There are many plugins available to backup database or the files in wordpress but they also have there own over head on performance and security when you are on a shared hosting service with limited hardware resources.
Usually almost all backup plugin’s use wp-cron.php file to schedule the backups but when you care about your security and have enabled many security features on your site its observed that almost all backup plugin’s failed to do the job correctly on time and in a scheduled way.

For example BackupWordpress plugin throws below error and fails to backup

BackUpWordPress has detected a problem. wp-cron.php is returning a 403 Forbidden response which could mean cron jobs aren't getting fired properly. BackUpWordPress relies on wp-cron to run scheduled backups. See the FAQ for more details.

So we came up with below easy simple script to backup wordpress which backups up both databases and the files in a easy way. Please follow below steps to setup and configure automatic wordpress backup for both database and files.

1. login to your hosting providers Cpanel or similar software.
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Feb 242015
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Oracle Weblogic Server

Below shell script can be used to start the weblogic nodemanager. This script can be scheduled in cron tab to start nodemanager weblogic servers. It takes one input i.e weblogic installation home location to start the nodemanager.

Incase the nodemanager is already running it will not start the nodemanager again. This script was made available as part of life cycle automation task. you can search this website for more automation scripts like this.
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