Feb 242015
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Content Management Systems

While owning a wordpress site and having active content it’s mandetory to backup your site time to time to avoid any undesirable situation like hacking and malware issues where you need to restore your site back to normal. So if you have regular backups then even incase your database goes corrupt you can go back to the normal working state if you have the backups.

There are many plugins available to backup database or the files in wordpress but they also have there own over head on performance and security when you are on a shared hosting service with limited hardware resources.
Usually almost all backup plugin’s use wp-cron.php file to schedule the backups but when you care about your security and have enabled many security features on your site its observed that almost all backup plugin’s failed to do the job correctly on time and in a scheduled way.

For example BackupWordpress plugin throws below error and fails to backup

BackUpWordPress has detected a problem. wp-cron.php is returning a 403 Forbidden response which could mean cron jobs aren't getting fired properly. BackUpWordPress relies on wp-cron to run scheduled backups. See the FAQ for more details.

So we came up with below easy simple script to backup wordpress which backups up both databases and the files in a easy way. Please follow below steps to setup and configure automatic wordpress backup for both database and files.

1. login to your hosting providers Cpanel or similar software.
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Feb 242015
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Oracle Weblogic Server

Below shell script can be used to start the weblogic nodemanager. This script can be scheduled in cron tab to start nodemanager weblogic servers. It takes one input i.e weblogic installation home location to start the nodemanager.

Incase the nodemanager is already running it will not start the nodemanager again. This script was made available as part of life cycle automation task. you can search this website for more automation scripts like this.
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Feb 242015
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Oracle Database

Sometimes we face issues on environment related to DB during database open with the messages as “unable to open undo tablespace” or with the below error messages.

ORA-01172: recovery of thread 1 stuck at block 1889 of file 3
ORA-01151: use media recovery to recover block, restore backup if needed

For such situation we can restore the corrupted temp tablespace or UNDO tablespace using recover command. The above error says that the datafile # 3 is corrupted and we should apply the below for restoring the file to its original state.

SQL>  recover datafile 3;
Media recovery complete.

SQL> alter database open;
Database altered.

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Feb 132015
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Apache HTTP Server

File path traversal attack or directory traversal attack in web application is a common security issue.
In this a hacker can get access to the files or directories of a server through the web url which will lead to major security issues.
If you are using Apache as front end web server then you can follow below steps to stop this path traversal attack easily.


Any file on the application server can be accessed using the URI append like “WEBURL=file://” and if the apache is run by a root user, then even the /etc/passwd and other secured files can be accessed easily.
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Dec 182014
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JSpell is a spell checker software API. The Page Scholar implementation of JSpell enables spell checking in the user interfaces of software such as web pages (HTML, ASP, JSP, CGI, etc.), Java applets and applications. There are various JSpell components, some of which allow spell checking in HTML Form and Text Input Fields and some, which allow spell checking inside Java Applets and Applications. Most of our software is designed for developers and systems administrators of web sites.

To start with jspell deployment in weblogic you shall already have the spell checker wars like jspellhtml.war and jspelliframe.war files. If not please go to http://www.jspell.com/ and download the war files according to your need.
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