Steps to Integrate Jenkins with Rundeck


Jenkins is for development and Rundeck is for operations. In many environments we need the continuous integration between development and operations environments to make the software delivery continuous, automated and error free. So it’s beneficial when you consider integrating Jenkins with Rundeck for continuous delivery. In below article we will discuss on the steps to integrate Jenkins with Rundeck, which we tried on one of our client environments to fulfill the continuous integration requirement.


1. Rundeck is already installed and working fine with all necessary nodes integrated.
2. Jenkins is already installed and working fine without any issues.
3. You have admin access to both Rundeck and Jenkins server.

Integrating Jenkins with Rundeck:

1. Login to Jenkins as admin user and navigate to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Available tab
2. Search for “Rundeck plugin” in the search box and click on install to install the Rundeck plugin.

Rundeck Plugin

3. Once the Rundeck plugin gets installed successfully, navigate to Manage Jenkins > Configure System and search for Rundeck section.

Integrating Jenkins With Rundeck
4. Click on Add Rundeck and fill out the parameters as mentioned below and click on Test Connection to make sure Jenkins is able to access rundeck server and Apply the changes.

Integrating Jenkins With Rundeck
5. Login to Rundeck admin console and create the deployment or any job which you want to be run post build completion on Jenkins. Edit the job and keep note of the UUID associated with the job. The same UUID needs to be updated in Jenkins Rundeck Plugin to make it trigger post build completion.

Rundeck Job UUID
5. Once above steps are completed login back to Jenkins and go to your project and navigate to Configure > Post-Build Actions tab and fill out details like below and click on Apply button.

Integrating Jenkins With Rundeck

Note: Here ArtifactName is a parameter to the Rundeck job which gets triggered. You can pass anything if you want or else keep it blank.
6. Now you will be able to trigger the Rundeck job of your choice whenever a build completes on that project in Jenkins. You can see the output of the job triggered in Console Output for that build.

Integrating Jenkins With Rundeck

If you are interested to explore more details about the Rundeck plugin and release notes, you can read Rundeck plugin thread.


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