Website security certificate error


On Windows machine while using Internet Explorer to access WebSphere Application Server Admin console or similar websites, at times administrators encounter the error message “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate”. In the following section we will go through the steps you could do to potentially to avoid this Website security certificate error message from re occurring.

One of the possible cause of Website security certificate error message is “Untrusted Certificate” error which may occur when the root certificate used by WAS is not added to the “Trusted root certificate Authorities “of your Windows machine.
Follow the below steps to add root certificate to “Trusted root certificate Authorities “of your Windows machine.
1.Right click and launch IE with the Run as administrator.
2.Navigate to WAS admin console URL.

Website security certificate error

3.Click the option “Continue to this Website(not recommended)”.
4.Click the red shield on IE bar which says “Certificate error”.
SSL certificate error

5.This opens up the Untrusted Certificate error pop up. Click on View certificates.
6.On the subsequent pop up, select certification path tab.
7.You will see a series of certificates under certification path tab. Select the top most certificate which is the root certificate and click on view certificate.
8.This will open the pop up window with “install certificate” option. Click on install certificate.
9.This opens up “Certificate import wizard”.Click next on the welcome page of Certificate import wizard.
10.Select “Place all certificates in the following store”.
11.Cick on browse and select “Trusted Root Certification Authorities”.

Trusted Root Certification Authorities

12.Click next and click finish. Please read the security warning carefully to ensure that adding this root certificate to Trusted Root Certification Authorities is acceptable as per your company policies.Click yes and click ok on the “import successful” pop up.
13.Exit internet explorer and launch internet explorer again as your normal user and access the WAS admin console. You should be presented with the Admin console page with the padlock symbol without the Website security certificate error.

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