ORA-00439 feature not enabled deferred segment creation

Oracle Database

While importing a db dump to oracle database we usually get the “Deferred Segment Creation” error while importing. Though the import will continue till end but it fails as a whole import as the import data is corrupt.

This usually happens when you export a dump from higher version of Oracle and trying to import into a lower version of oracle DB.

Error Seen in logs :

ORA-39083: Object type TABLE:""."" failed to create with error:
ORA-00439: feature not enabled: Deferred Segment Creation

In Oracle version 11.2 there is a new feature called “Deferred Segment Creation”. It is a space saver for tables that has no rows since the segments for the table will not be created until the tables gets the rows in it.

We can make it work using a work around of forcing the tables to be created without this feature with impdp command. This can be done by adding “version=” at the end of the impdp command.


impdp UserName/[email protected] schemas=SCHEMA_NAME directory=imp_dir dumpfile=DUMP_FILE_NAME.DMP logfile=Import.log version=11.1


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  1. Geo says:

    Thanks Rama.. its worked

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