How to start weblogic server in debug mode

Oracle Weblogic Server

The level of logged information is essential during a troubleshooting analysis. Any additional log can give a hint that will help reveal the root cause of the problem. In this article we will discuss how to start weblogic server in debug mode for troubleshooting purposes.

Carry out the following steps to change the log level for debugging:

1. Access the Administration Console by pointing your web browser to http://adminhost.domain.local:7001/console.

2. Click on the Lock & Edit button to start a new edit session.

3. Expand the Environment tree on the left, and then click on the Servers link.

4. Click on the My_Server01 Managed Server link and then click on the Logging tab.

5. Click on the Advanced link to open the advanced options.

6. Change the Minimum severity to log drop-down menu to Trace.

7. Change the Severity Level value for the Log file value to Trace.

8. Change the Severity Level for the Standard out value to Debug.

9. Type -1 in the stdout Stack Trace Depth field.

10. Click on the Save button.

11. Click on the Debug tab.

12. Click on the [+] sign in the weblogic scope.

Weblogic Debug Logging

13. Check the transaction checkbox and click on the Enable button:

Weblogic Debug Logging

14. Finally, click on the Activate Changes button.

Note: here we have shown how to enable transaction debug logging. WebLogic has several other debug options that can be enabled, such as security, protocol, JMS, and deploy among others. Enable the option that best suits your troubleshooting needs.

Changing the log levels using WLST

1. Log in as a wls user to shell and start WLST:

[[email protected]]$ $WL_HOME/common/bin/

2. Connect to the Administration Server using wlsadmin as the user, <pwd> as the password and t3://adminhost.domain.local:7001 as the server URL:

wls:/offline> connect(“wlsadmin”,”<pwd>”,”t3://adminhost.domain.local:7001″)

3. Run the following WLST commands to create the file stores:















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