setup bin error while loading shared libraries


If staroffice installation fails to start with below error the please make sure you have disabled the selinux. To do so follow below steps:

setup.bin: error while loading shared libraries:” and “ cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied”

change the SELinux settings complete the following steps:

1. Open a terminal window and login as root (su -)

2. User the command system-config-securitylevel

3. Click on the tab “SELinux” and disable the first optional.

4. Click on [OK] to apply the changes.

5. Restart Linux and try to install StarOffice 7 again.

After this changes it is possible to install StarOffice.

It is also possible to enable the SELinux setting after the installation again.

If you are getting below error while starting StarOffice then do follow below mentioned steps to fix the issue.

Either another instance of StarOffice is accessing your personal settings or your personal settings are locked

1. Open a terminal window:

– Click the right mouse button on an empty area of the desktop.

– In the new window choose “New Terminal”.

– If the CDE desktop is used in context menu choose “Tools – Terminal”.

2. Connect to the machine where the user was previously logged in by typing “telnet <machinename>” and then pressing [ENTER].
The error message that was generated when starting StarOffice. tells the previous machine information.

3. Login using the user ID and password.

4. Type in: “pkill soffice.” Confirm the input with the [ENTER] key. Make sure to enter everything in lower case letters.

5. Exit out of the terminal session by typing “exit” and pressing again [ENTER].

6. Next go to the StarOffice. directory “cd staroffice7” and [ENTER].

7. Finally, remove the lock file by typing “rm .lock” and [ENTER].

Now StarOffice. will launch normal.


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