How To Solve Autovue startup error: Can’t get JVM library

Oracle Autovue

After installing Desktop Deployment via installer.\

We then copied the oracle\autovue desktop deployment file system to ourapp\autoviewer\autovue desktop deployment and renamed the original directory. was edited and replaced all c:\oracle(OLD path) with c:\ourapp\autoviewer.

JAVA_HOME was set with c:\ourapp\autoviewer\autovue desktop deployment\jre.

When we tried to run autovue.exe we received the following message…

Autovue Initialization Error

Autovue startup error: Can’t get JVM library

Possible Solution:

It looks like that the options set in the file were not updated correctly, specifically file paths.

Program Startup Options. If these are not setup properly, AutoVue Desktop Deployment will not start properly.


Other options:

Make sure that all above file paths are existing and correctly mentioned and then try to restart the autovue and check.

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