How to Map SOA monitor role to weblogic Global Role

Oracle Fusion Middleware

If you are getting below error for your composite it might be due to the mapping issue of soa monitor to global role.


Unable to retrieve composite details.
The composite is not available. This could happen because either the composite has been undeployed or soa-infra has not yet loaded this composite.

Collapse Hide Additional Trace Information Hide Additional Trace Information at at at at at at at at
oracle.sysman.core.model.util.ModelUtil$EMObjectResetter.initOrResetEMObject( at
oracle.sysman.core.model.util.ModelUtil$EMObjectResetter.access$000( at

You can follow below steps to fix the issue:

1. Log in to Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console as a user with the Admin role.

2. right click on SOA/soa-infra(soa_server1) on the left panel and select Security => Application Roles.

Application Roles Path in EM

Application Roles Path in EM Console

3. click on the “play button” to select “Role Name”. A list will appear and you select SOAMonitor. The page “Application Roles > Edit Application Role” appears.

Application Roles Page



4. Here click on Add role option and select role Type as Group. Click on play button

Edit Application Role soa-infra

Edit/Add Application Role


5. Select Monitors and Operators as the groups and click move to the selected area

Add Application roles soainfra


Add Application roles soainfra1


 6. Click ok

7. On Application Roles > Edit Application Role, click ok to save the changes.

Edit Application Role Soa Monitor

Usually this solves the issue but sometimes a bounce of soa-server makes the changes take effect.


More TIPS:

You can also add a user to have the same mapping and privileges like below screenshots

SOAMonitor Edit Application Role

SOAMonitor Edit Application Role1

Edit Application Role Oracle SOA Infra


By doing like above you can add a user the privileges or a group privileges to view and monitor/operate the composite instances to avoid the error.


Even using WLST you can add roles to a particular user so that the user will have access to monitor SOA role.

Here we are giving SOA monitor role to weblogic readonly user:

grantAppRole(appStripe=”soa-infra”, appRoleName=”SOAMonitor”, principalClass=””, principalName=”weblogic_read_only”);




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  1. rajesh says:

    once i select add button i am searching for a user but the user is not in the list…but the user is present in weblogic console..(i am using i think you are also using same version)

    • admin says:

      Hi Rajesh,

      I hope you have selected the type as User before searching. I have added a section for adding a particular user also. Have a look at it. If you are still facing the issue then please paste the error messages and logs you are seeing in backend.

  2. Alex says:

    Hi, thank you.
    It work for my.

  3. Mark Stewart says:

    I just upgraded one of our environments from Fusion Middleware to, and amongst other things the upgrade wiped out the majority of my custom roles and policies. Your blog post helped me to root cause the issue,so thank you for taking the time to document the solution!

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