wlst script to change nodemanager username and password | weblogic

Make sure Admin Server is up and running before running the commands in wlst.sh

connect(adminUser, adminPassword, adminURL) # connect to Admin Server

edit() # go to edit tree

startEdit() # Lock & Edit

cd(‘/SecurityConfiguration’+domainName) # go to MBean object

cmo.setNodeManagerUsername(nmUserName) # change username

cmo.setNodeManagerPassword(nmPassword) # change password

save() # save changes

activate(block=”true”) # activate

disconnect() # disconnect from Admin Server

Check connecting to Node Manager with new username and password:

nmConnect(nmUserName, nmPassword, nmHost, nmPort, domainName) # connect to Node Manager should be successful


You can also verify the user name change by going to Admin Console > domain name > Security > Advanced. Check if the NodeManager Username has been changed.

This change is suppose to be dynamic but It’s better to restart of entire domain, including Node Manager.

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