Why Weblogic Proxy logs show the IP address of the user

Oracle Weblogic Server

Weblogic Proxy logs show an IP address of the user. for example:

Hdrs to WLS:[WL-Proxy-Client-IP]=[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]

The plug-in constructs that header based on the IP address of the socket connecting to the web server. ‘WL-Proxy-Client-IP’ would always contain the socket address which made the connection to the web server. This header is a proprietary header being set by the plug-in, which is then kept ready to be sent based on the value of WebLogic Plug-In Enabled. If WebLogic Plug-In Enabled is set to true, a call to getRemoteAddr will return the address of the browser client from the proprietary WL-Proxy-Client-IP header instead of the web server. This proprietary header is set by the plug-in internally.

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