Things to monitor in a java production servers

There are many monitoring tools available in market for monitoring java production servers but personally I would recommend HP Business Availability center and Application manager as the best tools for monitoring and reporting.

But before we go for the software we need to finalize what are the minimum things to monitor in a java production server.

Below are some details :

 1.    CPU - Percent Used
2.    Memory Used - Free MB
Total mem = free -b | grep Mem | awk '{print $2}'
Free mem = free -b | grep "+" | awk '{print $4}'
Used mem = free -b | grep "+" | awk '{print $3}'
3.    Disk Space (/opt or D:) - Percent Free
4.    Threads Used - Number
5.    JBOSS/Tomcat - JBoss Active Thread Count

WebLogic -
a. Weblogic Exec Queue Avg Idle Threads
b. Weblogic Exec Queue Avg Total Threads
6.    Heap Free - Percent
a. Tenured
b. Eden
c. Perm
7.    Sessions - Active Number
8.    WebLogic - Websession
9.    JBOSS - Global Request Processor
10.    Active Total Number DB Connections- Active Number
11.    JBOSS/Tomcat - JCA - In Use Connections
12.    Weblogic - JDBC - Active Connections
13.    JMS/Messaging (Total) - Waiting - Number
14.    WebLogic - Pending Messages

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