Configuring http transport websphere

IBM WebSphere Application Server
# Configuring HTTP transport for Web container 
set aServer [$AdminConfig getid /Node:$nodeName/Server:$serverName/]
set aWC [$AdminConfig list WebContainer $aServer]
set transports [lindex [$AdminConfig showAttribute $aWC transports] 0]
foreach aTransport $transports {
puts "Modify existing HTTP transports"
# modify existing transports to change host name from oldHost to newHost
set address [$AdminConfig showAttribute $aTransport address]
if {[$AdminConfig showAttribute $address host] == "$hostname"} {
$AdminConfig modify $address {{host $hostname}}
# modify existing transports to change port from 9082 to 9083
if {[$AdminConfig showAttribute $address port] == 9082} {
$AdminConfig modify $address {{port 9083}}

# create a HTTP transport
puts "Create a new HTTP transport"
set hostAttr [list host]
set portAttr [list port 5555]
set addressAttr [list address [list $hostAttr $portAttr]]
set externalAttr [list external true]
set sslEnableAttr [list sslEnabled true]
# assuming a SSL with the name myCell/DefaultSSLSettings are configured in the cell
set sslConfigAttr [list sslConfig myCell/DefaultSSLSettings]
set httpAttrs [list $addressAttr $externalAttr $sslEnableAttr $sslConfigAttr]
$AdminConfig create HTTPTransport $aWC $httpAttrs
$AdminConfig save

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