Apache To Tomcat Setup Steps

Apache Tomcat J2EE Server

In below article we will discuss about the configurations required to connect apache to tomcat using mod_jk plugin.
mod_jk is a apache free library plugin to redirect the requests to tomcat connector port using mod-jk.conf and workers.properties. Please follow below steps to configure apache to tomcat communication.

1. Make sure mod_jk.so is available under modules directory of web server. If it is not there
download mod_jk-1.2.27-httpd-2.2.6.so and renamed as mod_jk.so
mv mod_jk-1.2.27-httpd-2.2.6.so mod_jk.so
Note: mod_jk-1.2.27-httpd-2.2.6.so is for Apache 2.2.6 and above
2. Create mod-jk.conf file under Apache conf directory

# Load mod_jk module
# Specify the filename of the mod_jk lib
LoadModule jk_module modules/mod_jk.so
# Where to find workers.properties
JkWorkersFile conf/workers.properties
# Where to put jk logs
JkLogFile logs/mod_jk.log
# Set the jk log level [debug/error/info]
JkLogLevel info
# Select the log format
JkLogStampFormat "[%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y]"
# JkOptions indicates to send SSK KEY SIZE
# Notes:
# 1) Changed from +ForwardURICompat.
# 2) For mod_rewrite compatibility, use +ForwardURIProxy (default since 1.2.24)
# See http://tomcat.apache.org/security-jk.html
JkOptions +ForwardKeySize +ForwardURICompatUnparsed -ForwardDirectories
# JkRequestLogFormat
JkRequestLogFormat "%w %V %T"
# Mount your applications
#JkMount /__application__/* loadbalancer
JkMount /myApp/* loadbalancer

# You can use external file for mount points.
# It will be checked for updates each 60 seconds.
# The format of the file is: /url=worker
# /examples/*=loadbalancer
#JkMountFile conf/uriworkermap.properties
# Add shared memory.
# This directive is present with 1.2.10 and
# later versions of mod_jk, and is needed for
# for load balancing to work properly
# Note: Replaced JkShmFile logs/jk.shm due to SELinux issues. Refer to
# https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=225452
JkShmFile run/jk.shm
DMZ Web Server Configuration Guide

# Add jkstatus for managing runtime data

JkMount status
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from

Note: needs to changed with the actual App server IP

3. Create workers. properties file under apache conf directory

# Define list of workers that will be used
# for mapping requests
# The configuration directives are valid
# for the mod_jk version 1.2.18 and later
# modify the host as your host IP or DNS name.
# Properties of worker1.
# Status worker for managing load balancer

Note: needs to changed with the actual App server IP
9007 tomcat connector port needs to be changed with the actual port number

4. Save all and restart Apache.

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