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Below will explain how to test a webservice in a managed server, when the managed server is in ADMIN mode.

Env. and Scenario:

Configuration changed to put server in Admin mode is like as follows :-

Click Lock and Edit. Go to Admin Console—>Server—->New Server Name—->Configuration—>General—->Advanced—>Startup Mode

Change Startup mode from Running to Administrator . Save and Activate Changes.

A Web application(Web Service) is already running on these cluster

How to validate Web Services are running fine on two newly Created Managed Server which are running in Admin mode and part of cluster.


You can use the domain wide administration port (default TCP port is 9002, but can be overridden both domain-wide or on a per-server basis) (using an SSL protected protocol, such as https) to test your WebService.(E.x: https://..)
Please do the following to test webservice in Admin mode

– Enabling the Domain-Wide Administration Port

WebLogic Server provides the option to enable an SSL administration port for use with all servers in the domain. The administration port is optional, but it provides two capabilities:

It enables you to start a server in STANDBY state.

It enables you to separate administration traffic from application traffic in your domain.

The administration port accepts only secure, SSL traffic, and all connections via the port require authentication by a server administrator. Because of these features, enabling the administration port imposes the following restrictions on your domain:

The Administration Server and all Managed Servers in your domain must be configured with support for the SSL protocol.

All servers in the domain, including the Administration Server, enable or disable the administration port at the same time.

After enabling the administration port, you must establish an SSL connection to the Administration Server in order to start any Managed Server in the domain. This applies whether you start Managed Servers manually, at the command line, or using Node Manager.

After enabling the administration port, all Administration Console traffic must connect via the administration port.

If multiple server instances run on the same computer in a domain that uses a domain-wide administration port, you must either:

Host the server instances on a multi-homed machine and assign each server instance a unique listen address, or

Override the domain-wide port on all but one of one of the servers instances on the machine. Override the port using the Local Administration Port Override option on the Advanced Attributes portion of the Server->Configuration->General page in the Administration Console.

To enable the administration port for your domain:

First ensure that all servers in the domain are properly configured to use SSL.

Select the name of the active domain in the left pane to display the domain’s configuration attributes.

Click the Configuration tab in the right pane.

Click the General tab in the right pane.

Select the Enable Domain Wide Administration Port attribute to enable the SSL administration port for this domain.

In the Administration Port box, enter the SSL port number that server instances in the domain use as the administration port. You can override an individual server instance’s administration port assignment on the Advanced Options portion of the Configuration->General tab for the server instance.

Click Apply to apply your changes.

Restart all server instances in the domain, including the Administration Server and all Managed Servers. The Administration Port will not function until all server instances in the domain are restarted.

To start Managed Servers after enabling the administration port, you must establish an SSL connection to the domain’s Administration Server. You can do this by specifying the following option at the command line when started the Managed Server:

In this argument, host refers to the address of the Administration Server and admin_port is the administration port that the Administration Server uses. Note that you must specify the https:// prefix, rather than http://.


For 10.x version check below link

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