Oracle 1Z0-451 SOA Foundation Practitioner Exam

Oracle Fusion Middleware
Total Questions: 70


Question: 1


SCA assembly model represents___________, which are defined elements containing in xml files.


A. A series of adapters.
B. A series of artifacts
C. A series of query language
D. A series of activities


Answer: B


Question: 2


Identify the type of BPEL sensors.


A. Activity sensors
B. Adapter sensors
C. Variable sensors
D. Fault sensors
E. Service sensors.


Answer: A,C,D


Question: 3


Identify two features of event delivery network (EDN).


A. Aligns SOA with event driven architecture (EDA).
B. Supports a public subscribe declarative model.
C. Facilitates services innovations and events to be mixed and matched
D. Provide the split join web services.


Answer: B,D


Question: 4


What is true about BPEL flown activity?


A. The flow and flown activities are complimentary, with the flowN being perform when dealing with large number of flows.
B. The flowN activity creates multiple flows equal to the value of N, which is defined at routine
C. The branches created by flown perform different activities based on the value of N
D. Each branch in the flow uses the same input variables but perform different activities based on the value of N


Answer: B


Question: 5


Business rules are declarative statements that describe business policies or describe key business decisions. Identify the statement that describes the “rules” component of Oracle business rules system.


A. Rules are data or business objects on which the rules engine evaluates rule conditions
B. Rules are declared as “if condition than action”.
C. Rules have an action assign, assert, call function (or java method)
D. Rules have a collection of fact type, global variables/constants, functions


Answer: A


Question: 6


The mediator receives a file containing data about new customers from an application or service. Based on the country mentioned in the customer’s Address, you can route deliver data in the database storing data for particular country. This is an example of___________.


A. Content-based and header-based routing
B. Control-based routing C. Header-based routing
D. Parsing-based routing


Answer: B


Question: 7


The WS-addressing header contains call back location_________.


A. BPEL variables.
B. Component ID
C. Correlation ID
D. Content ID


Answer: C


Question: 8


Which of the following routing rules are supported by Oracle mediator component?


A. Rule based
B. Static
C. Request
D. Dynamic


Answer: B,D


Question: 9


Which two statements are true about Oracle B2B?


A. Oracle B2B is the part of Oracle EDN suit that enables the web service mediation
B. Oracle B2B is an e-commerce gateway that enables the secure and reliable exchange of business documents between an enterprise and its trading partners.
C. Oracle B2B provides the capability if web services orchestration by implementing the BPEL
D. Oracle B2B is a binding component of the Oracle SOA suit platform that enables the implementation of e-commerce businesses processes


Answer: B,D


Question: 10


Identify two applicable examples of business rules


A. Notifications to alert interested users about a change in the state of a task during the task life cycle
B. Business policies such as standing policies and approval matrices
C. Computations such as discounts or premiums
D. Activities that are required to advance the business process


Answer: B,D


Question: 11


Which routing rule type in an Oracle mediator component externalizes routing logic to a Oracle rules dictionary?


A. Dynamic
B. Static
C. Request


Answer: A

Question: 12


You are in Oracle jdeveloper 11g composite editor. How do you define interactions between the service end points, components and refrences?


A. SCA component
B. Wires
C. Service interface
D. links


Answer: B


Question: 13


Using the Oracle BPM worklist application, a user can do which three things.


A. Perform authorized actions on tasks.
B. Create personal tasks
C. Define delegation rules
D. Define user groups
E. Define task routing policy


Answer: A,B,C


Question: 14


Oracle SOA suite 11g configured with the …………………. Application that enables the composite application components to send application?


A. Workload
B. User messaging service
C. Worklist
D. Workflow


Answer: C


Question: 15


Which two statements are true regarding developing SOA composite applications using Oracle jdeveloper?


A. A service component can be created only using the SOA composite editor
B. A project development on the same SOA infrastructure must have a unique name across SOA composite application
C. When a service component is deleted using SOA composite editor, all references to all are automatically deleted
D. When you deleted a component, any WSDL imports used by that component are removed, even if the WSDL imports are used by other component


Answer: B,C


Question: 16


Bucket sets___________.


A. Are data objects that are asserted and added to the rule session working memory
B. Are constraints defined in the rule dictionary as lists of values, list of range values, or enumerators
C. Are shared constants are variables defined in rule dictionary accessible to all rules
D. Are used in rules and defined in rule dictionary using the Oracle Business rule language


Answer: B


Question: 17


For business rules, a rules dictionary contains one or more definitions of: facts; constraints; functions; rule sets. Identify the correct statement that defines the facts


A. Has a collection of facts type, global variables constants function and rulesets
B. Are declared as: “if condition than action”.
C. Have an action: assign, assert, call function (or java method)
D. Are data or business objects on which the rule engine evaluates the rule condition


Answer: A


Question: 18


How do you built the custom java fault handler in BPEL?


A. Provides the java fault that implements the Ifaultrecoveryjavaclass
B. Provides the java fault that implements the Ifaultrertclass
C. Provides the java fault that implements the Ifaultbpelprocess.
D. Provides the java fault that implements the Ifaulthandlerjavaclass


Answer: A


Question: 19


Identify three applicable features of Oracle mediator.


A. Event handling
B. Control-based and header-based routing
C. Error handling
D. Event sersor


Answer: A,C,D


Question: 20


In order to define the interactions between the service entry points components and refrences you need to create___________.


A. An SCA component
B. Wires
C. A service interface
D. Links


Answer: C


Question: 21


Identify the correct order in which the fault management framework attempts to identify a fault policy binding? ·BPEL process or Oracle mediator service component defined in the composite xml file. ·SOA composite application defined in the composite XML file ·Reference binding component defined in the composite XML file


A. 1,2,3
B. 3,1,2
C. 3,2,1
D. 1,3,2


Answer: B


Question: 22
What is true about replay fault?


A. A replay fault is thrown inside the activity. It is thrown because the invocation fails. For example a SOAP fault is returned by the remote service
B. A replay fault re executes the activity inside a scope. The server than re-execute the scope from beginning
C. A replay fault is thrown inside an activity if the preparation of the invocation fails. For example the WSDL of the process fails to load.
D. A replay fault is not retryable and this type of fault usually must be fixed by human intervention.


Answer: A


Question: 23
You are building a composite application using Oracle jdeveloper 11g composite editor, to which files you refer to understand the services and references for each service component and to ensure that the writing you create between components works? (* refers to the name of a composite/component/process of a particular composite application.)


A. *.xml
B. *_component type.
C. *_mplan.
D. *.decs.
E. *.ref


Answer: A


Question: 24


Which two statements are true about Oracle WSM?


A. You can create custom policies that support security and management if the predefined policies do not meet your needs
B. You can continue to use Oracle WSM 11g gateway components with Oracle Wsm 11G policies in applications
C. Oracle WSM policy manger manages not only security policies, but it also manages other type of policies such as message transmission optimization mechanism (MTOM), reliable messaging addressing and management
D. Oracle WSM Support policy enforcement agents for third-party application servers such as IBM web sphere and red hat JBoss


Answer: A,C


Question: 25


Which two statements are about Oracle SOA suit 11g BPEL component when using the entity?


A. Data operations such as loading and saving are performed automatically by the data provider service with out asking to code any service in vocation
B. Data operation such as explicitly loading and saving data are performed by the data base adapter in Oracle BPEL process manager
C. Data in variables is in service data object form. (SDO)
D. Data in variable is in document object (DOM) form


Answer: A,B


Question: 26


Which two statements are valid for runtime faults?


A. Faults are the result of problems within the running of the BPEL process service components or web service
B. Faults are application specific faults that are generated when there is problem with the information being processed
C. Faults occur when an application executes a through activity or when an invoke activity receive a fault as response
D. Faults are not user defined, and are thrown by the system


Answer: A,D


Question: 27


Which three components can be used to configure a human task?
A. Task management service
B. Task routing service
C. Data service
D. Identity service
E. Security service


Answer: B,D,E


Question: 28


A BPL process uses to invokes to insert data into two Oracle database tables the first invokes inserts data into master table and the second invokes insert data into detail table? Identify the statement that will undo both transactions by throwing the fault if either one of the transaction faults?


A. <throw name-“throw” fault name “bpebrsqlecception”/>
B. <throw name-“throw” fault name “bpetxcroolback”/>
C. <throw name-“throw” fault name “bpetxnuntime fault”/>
D. <throw name-“throw” fault name “bpetxfault”/>


Answer: A


Question: 29


What re the missing tags on the following snippet? <=====> <====faultName=“services: Negative credit” fault variable id =“crError”> <assign name =“crin”> <copy> <from expression= “-1000”> </from> <to variable = “input” part=“payload” query=“/autoloan:loan application :credir rating”/> </copy> </assign> </=====> </=====>


A. Fault handlers, catchAll.
B. Fault, catch.
C. Fault handlers, catch.
D. CatchAll, fault


Answer: B


Question: 30


What is true when implementing human reactions that are part of composite applications using the human task component in SOA 11g?


A. The human task configuration is stored in the “task” metadata file.
B. The human task service uses an identity directory, such as LDAP, to determine people rules and privileges.
C. The human task service engine executes all the human task components in SOA composite application.
D. The wordlist application can also be used to change the human task configuration.


Answer: D


Question: 31


By using technology, you enable to be more adaptable to change. It is easier to alter rules to meet the changing needs of the business, enabling the application to be more responsive to business requirements. This benefit of business rule can be defined as…………………….


A. Agility
B. Transparency
C. Availability
D. Accessibility


Answer: A


Question: 32


In Oracle BPEL PM, which activity wait for an asynchronous callback response message from a service.


A. Invoke
B. Receive
C. Wait
D. Scope


Answer: B


Question: 33


Which three statements are true about Oracle service bus (OSB).


A. OSB is an intermediary that processes incoming service message, determines routing logic, and transforms theses messages for compatibility with other service consumers
B. OSB is mainly used for web service orchestration to build the business processes.
C. OSB can receive messages through transport protocol such as HTTP(S), JMS, file and FTP and send messages through the same or a different protocol.
D. OSB provides the supports for the long-running asynchronous web service with correlation and compensation handler
E. The message processing by OSB is driven by metadata, specified in message flow definition of a proxy service


Answer: A,B,D


Question: 34


Oracle SOA composite applications can be developed by using which three?


A. Open eclipse
B. Oracle jdeveloper
C. Oracle WLST
D. Oracle CAMM E. Oracle Fusion Middleware control


Answer: B,C,E


Question: 35


The event delivery network is designed for handling asynchronous messaging arising from a business event or service and supports…………..


A. Request-response model.
B. Publish-subscribe declarative model.
C. Fire-forget model
D. Request-reply model


Answer: C


Question: 36


What do the Oracle business rules components inside?


A. Rules engine
B. Rule editor
C. Rule dictionary
D. Rules evaluation
E. Rules library


Answer: C


Question: 37


What three things are true about service component architecture?


A. It is an assembly model of service components in composite applications
B. It provides the foundation for the orchestration of web services
C. SCA is the set of specifications governed by OASIS through open service architecture
D. The use of specific programming language and technologies is not required with SCA
E. It provides the architecture to built java messaging applications


Answer: A,C,D


Question: 38


What is the best practice to define the fault handler for the following BPEL process? Input messages from a file, writes that information to the database, and invokes external web services to send information and publish message to JMS queue.


A. How a global fault and compensation bandler for BPEL process to manage the faults
B. Define an individual scope for major activities and handle the faults at the scope level
C. Define only a catch all activity to catch any faults within this BPEL process
D. Define a global scope that that implements the IFaultBPEL process


Answer: D


Question: 39


By default, fault policy file (fault policies. Xml) and fault policies binding file (fault binding.xml) are placed in the same directory as———.


A. PoliciesBindings .xml
B. Composite .xml
C. Parent.xml
D. Config.xml


Answer: C


Question: 40


______specifies both an input and an out put element for an operational part type of service WSDL.


A. Asynchronous service
B. Synchronous service
C. BPEL service
D. JMS service


Answer: A


Question: 41


Service authentication can be incorporated using___________.


A. Signatures
B. Security tokens
C. Encryption
D. Binding


Answer: A


Question: 42


Two types of services with transactional behavior that can be implemented in Oracle database adapters and……………….


A. File adapters
B. Service data objects
C. SOAP Endpoints
D. Active server objects


Answer: C


Question: 43


You are using Oracle jdeveloper 11g composite editor tool to built a composite application. Which service lime will you use to define your interfaces to the composite?


A. Reference service lane.
B. Exposed services lane.
C. External services lane.
D. Internal services lane.


Answer: B


Question: 44


The ______provides an alter native to design BPEL process with catch activities with scope activities.


A. Fault deployment framework
B. Fault management framework
C. Fault manufacturing framework
D. Fault exception framework


Answer: B


Question: 45


________is an instant of an Oracle Web logic server used to host deployed custom built application for production use.


A. Administrative server
B. Portal server
C. Managed server
D. Security server


Answer: A


Question: 46


What is the purpose of Oracle BPEI process manager dehydration store?


A. The dehydration store is used to save all state information in a database to avoid showing down the system due to too much IO.
B. The dehydration store is used to store the process state for long-running process which will allocate memory to be given back to the system and will not consume resources while waiting
C. The dehydration store is good way to preserve long running processes, and it prevent and location of state or reliability if a system shut down


Answer: C


Question: 47


Choose three components that are part of Oracle BAM server.


A. Oracle BAM process Manager
B. Oracle BAM active Data cache
C. Oracle BAM rules Engine
D. Oracle BAM event Engine
E. event Engine report Cache


Answer: B,C,E


Question: 48


Oracle SOA suit 11g has two components, mediator and Oracle service bus. Both provide transformation and validation functionality. Which two statements are true.


A. The mediator is an intra-composite component responsible for brokering communications between components that make up a composite, enabling transformation, routing and payload validation inside the component.
B. The mediator is stand alone component responsible for brokering communications between service end points enabling transformation, routing and payload validation. C. Oracle service bus is stand alone component responsible for brokering communications between service endpoints enabling transformation, routing and pay load validation


Answer: A,C


Question: 49


You Oracle SOA composite is running in production but due to new government mandate you have to update the security policy based on Oracle web service manager. What are your options to update the security policy?


A. Attach up dated policy via the command line interface.
B. Attach updated policy in jdeveloper and redeploy component
C. Attach policy in enterprise model console test it and reattach with out redeployment
D. Attach policy via web logic admin console after deployment.


Answer: B


Question: 50


Which three service component implementations are supported in Oracle SOQ suit 11g?


A. Mediator component
B. Binding component
C. References component
D. BPEL process
E. Business rule component


Answer: A,D,E


Question: 51


Which two components can be found on SAO component palette of Oracle SOA component?


A. BPEL process
B. Partner link
C. Human task


Answer: A,C


Question: 52


Identify three applicable integration interfaces that are valid for Oracle Application Adapter.


B. Oracle XML SOA gateway
D. Batch files


Answer: A,B,C


Question: 53


Identify two correct statements regarding schematron-based validations in Oracle mediator..


A. XSD-based validations are more comprehensive than schematron-based validations
B. Oracle mediator uses schematron file for semantic validation
C. Schematron files usually have a schextension
D. An error message or warning is displayed if the warning schemr file is empty


Answer: B,C


Question: 54


Human task service prevents tasks to users via which channels?


A. Oracle BPM wordlist application.
B. Oracle forms based notification.
C. Actionable notification sent via sms
D. Actionable notification sent via Email


Answer: A,D


Question: 55


Which two statements are true about proxy service in Oracle service bus (OSB)?


A. Proxy services are OSB definitions of enterprise services that exchange messages during businesses processes and they do not have a pipeline
B. Proxy services are definitions of generic intermediary web services that are hosted locally on Oracle service bus
C. Proxy services can be configured using Oracle jdeveloper
D. Message handling capabilities of proxy service are implemented with message flow definitions using a pipeline


Answer: B,D


Question: 56


You are using Oracle BPELPM/human workflow. You have a case where the participant can just receive a notification task and the business process will not wait for the participant’s response. Which participant type will you choose?


A. Single
B. Parallel
C. Serial
D. FYI (for your information)


Answer: D


Question: 57


Business events is defined using the _________ in Oracle SOA suit 11g.


A. Event definition language (EDL)
B. Event definition schema (EDS)
C. Event definition object (EDO)
D. Event definition message (EDM)


Answer: A


Question: 58


Which these are valid methods to assign users, groups, and application rules during design time, to tasks in a human workflow?


A. Assign users, group, and application rules using XQuerry
B. Assign users, group, and application rules using LDAP rules and privileges
C. Assign users, group, and application rules using business rules
D. Assign users, group, and application rules using Oracle Haley
E. Assign users, group, and application rules using a delimited string of users, groups, or application roles.


Answer: E


Question: 59


SCA components are integrated together into one application and communicate with the outside would through binding components such as ________and _________.


A. Artifacts
B. Web services
C. JCA adapters


Answer: A,B


Question: 60


Which two are BPEL faults?
A. Business faults
B. Process faults
C. Runtime faults
D. Static faults
E. Dynamic faults


Answer: A,C


Question: 61


Choose three operations that are supported by Oracle file adapter?


A. Read file
B. Fetch file
C. List files
D. Write file
E. Delete file


Answer: A,D,E


Question: 62


Identify three major enablers of Oracle SOA 11g.


A. Business process execution language
E. Net


Answer: A,B,E


Question: 63


Which two statements are true about Oracle complex event processing?


A. Oracle CEP provides real time visibility into critical business process through push based dash boards and alerts.
B. Oracle CEP is the java server for the development and deployment of high performance event driven applications.
C. Oracle CEP is light weight java application container based on equinox OSGI with provides support for continuous query language (Oracle CQL).
D. It is mainly used in conjunction with Oracle BPEL process manager.


Answer: A,B


Question: 64


Which two statements are true about Oracle WSM policy framework?


A. It manages and secures web services consistently across your organization
B. It can be used by developers at design time, and also by system administrators at routine
C. It manages service orchestration and reliable message delivery
D. It does not leverage the Oracle platform security service


Answer: A,B


Question: 65


Oracle WSM policies are made of one or more________.


A. Tokens
B. Protocols
C. Assertions
D. Bindings


Answer: A


Question: 66


When a human task service component is selected as stand alone component in SOA composite editor and option to expose its interface is selected the human task component is automatically wired to a __________web service.


A. Simple object access protocol(SOAP)
B. Adapter
C. Enterprise java bean(EJB)
D. Java messaging service


Answer: D


Question: 67


Two types of services with transactional behavior that can be implemented in Oracle SOQ suite 11g database adapters and……………..


A. File adapters
B. Service data objects
C. SOAP Endpoints
D. Active server objects


Answer: A


Question: 68


You are implementing a BPEL process for your client. In the implementation scenario, the BPEL process sends a request to a service and waits until it receives a reply, or until a certain time limit is reached, which ever comes first. Which activity will be used to achieve this.


A. Pick.
B. Assign.
C. Wait.
D. While.


Answer: A


Question: 69


In Oracle SOA suit 11g embedded security is enabled via……..


A. Oracle service bus as a security gateway
B. Embedded OWSM agents to the SOA service infrastructure
C. Out-of-the box installation of the OWSM gateway
D. Custom installation of the OWSM gateway.


Answer: A


Question: 70


Service component architecture (SCA) is set of specifications for ………, ………..and ……?


A. Implementing applications based on reusability
B. Implementing business applications using BBEL
C. A programming model for building applications based on service on service oriented architecture
D. Composition of services and creation of service components including the reuse of existing services.
E. Implementing procedural models to built software applications


Answer: A,C,D





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