Install generic weblogic jar Issue

Oracle Weblogic Server

While upgrading weblogic server from one version to another and if you encounter below error

2011-12-02 15:41:30,827 ERROR WizardController com.bea.plateng.wizard.WizardController - Uncaught Exception
at com.bea.plateng.wizard.installer.diskspace.TempDir.<init>(
at com.bea.plateng.wizard.installer.diskspace.TempDir.getInstance(
at com.bea.plateng.wizard.installer.helpers.DiskSpaceHelper.checkDiscSpaceForProductInstallation(
at com.bea.plateng.wizard.installer.helpers.ProductDirHelper.setStoreKeysAndValidateDiskSpace(
at com.bea.plateng.wizard.installer.helpers.ProductDirHelper.validateAndSet(
at com.bea.plateng.wizard.installer.helpers.ProductDirHelper.<init>(
at com.bea.plateng.wizard.installer.console.tasks.ProductDirChooserConsoleTask.doBefore(
at com.bea.plateng.wizard.WizardController.nextTask(


Above error usually seen when the upgrade installer downloaded is not for the specific system or platform or if you are using the upgrade jar file and unjaring it before starting upgrade.


When you download upgrade installer for WLS 10.3.4 say “wls1034_upgrade_generic.jar “.
This jar is an executable jar file and we need not unjar it further. ( just run java –jar wls1034_upgrade_generic.jar ).

If you unjar “wls1034_upgrade_generic.jar “ and then tries to run the jar file inside it you get the error message like above.

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