Weblogic domain migration using pack and unpack

Oracle Weblogic Server

Apart from creating weblogic domains using config.sh/bat there are more ways of creating new domains or weblogic domain migration using pack and unpack commands given by oracle.

For weblogic domain migration the pack and unpack commands provide a simple, one-step method for creating domains and templates from the command line.

These shell scripts are available in $MW_HOME/wlserver_[ver]/common/bin.
Syntax of the pack command:

WL_HOME/common/bin/pack.sh -managed=true -domain=DOMAIN_PATH -template=DOMAIN_TEMPLATE -template_name=DOMAIN_TEMPLATE_NAME

Syntax of the unpack command:

WL_HOME/common/bin/unpack.sh -domain=DOMAIN_PATH -template=DOMAIN_TEMPLATE

You would also need pack and unpack commands to run a Managed Server on a machine that is remote from the Administration Server for the domain.

It is best to follow the procedure given next:

1. First create the domain on the node of the Administration Server.

2. Initiate the pack command with the necessary options.

3. Transfer the domain jar file to the second node.

4. First install the Oracle WebLogic software here, and then unpack the domain.

Use the same directory structure as on the first node, to have equally configured environments.

When packing a domain that contains Managed Servers, you should use the managedserver=true option.

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