Websphere Thread Dump Creation Steps

ibm websphere

Please follow below steps to create a websphere thread dump for memory leak issues and debugging.

1. cd to WAS_HOME/AppServer/bin

2. Enter wsadmin.sh -username <UserName> -password <PassWord> or Only wsadmin.sh if username and password is not set.

3. Using the wsadmin command prompt, get a handle to the problem application server:

Example:  wsadmin>set jvm [$AdminControl completeObjectName type=JVM,process=server1,*]

change server1 Name to your server name.

4. Execute Below Command to Generate the thread dump:

wsadmin>$AdminControl invoke $jvm dumpThreads

5. Look for an output file, in the installation root directory for the product, with a name like javacore.date.time.id.txt.

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