Script for Configuring websphere process definition

ibm websphere
#-- Configuring websphere process definition 

set aServer [$AdminConfig getid /Node:myNode/Server:newServer/]
set aProcessDef [$AdminConfig showAttribute $aServer processDefinition]
puts "Set up various properties"
# setting up working directory property
set workingDirAttr [list workingDirecotry \${WAS_HOME}]

# setting up JVM heap size properties in number of megabytes
set initHeapAttr [list initialHeapSize 80]
set maxHeapAttr [list maximumHeapSize 512]
set jvmAttrs [list $initHeapAttr $maxHeapAttr]

# setting up process execution priority
set priorityAttr [list processPriority 10]
set processExeAttrs [list $priorityAttr]

# setting up a new environment entry
set nameAttr [list name envEntry1]
set valueAttr [list value value1]
set descAttr [list description "A dummy environment entry"]
set envAttrs [list $nameAttr $valueAttr $descAttr]

# setting up monitoring policy
set maxStartupAttr [list maximumStartupAttempts 4]
# ping interval is specified in number of seconds
set pingIntervalAttr [list pingInterval 50]
set monitorPolicyAttrs [list $maxStartupAttr $pingIntervalAttr]

# Modify process definition with the above setup
puts "Modify general properties of process definition"
$AdminConfig modify $aProcessDef [list $workingDirAttr] 31
puts "Modify JVM properties"
set jvms [lindex [$AdminConfig showAttribute $aProcessDef jvmEntries] 0]
foreach $aJVM $jvms {
$AdminConfig modify $aJVM $jvmAttrs
puts [$AdminConfig show $aJVM]

puts "Modify process execution properties"
set execution [$AdminConfig showAttribute $aProcessDef execution]
$AdminConfig modify $execution $processExeAttrs
puts [$AdminConfig show $execution]

puts "Add an environment entry"
puts [$AdminConfig create Property $aProcessDef $envAttrs]

puts "Modify monitoring policy"
set monitorPolicy [$AdminConfig showAttribute $aProcessDef monitoringPolicy]
$AdminConfig modify $monitorPolicy $monitorPolicyAttrs
puts [$AdminConfig show $monitorPolicy]

$AdminConfig save

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