IBM websphere fixpack installation steps

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Below steps will outline how to install the websphere application server and apply websphere fixpack to upgrade the server.
Installation of WAS App Server:
1.C95CPML.tar untar it

tar -xvf C95CPML.tar

2.Once untarred cd to WAS folder and run ./install
If install does not work then use

java -jar setup.jar to invoke the installaer.

Note:Jdk version must be equal to or above than 1.5_06
3.put everywhere admin username and password.
Use the default checks.

Installation of WAS HTTP Server and Plugin.
Keep the application server service down during installation.
1.C95CFML.tar untar it.
2.Once untarred cd to IHS folder and run ./install
If install doesn’t  work then use
java -jar setup.jar to invoke the installer.
3.Keep everything default.
4.Create a group and user while installing keep it admin and admin.
5.Plugin gets installed with the installation of IHS so plugin installation is not required.
6.If you want to manually install plugin then uncheck the checkbox for plugin installation during IHS installation and cd to Plugin folder and run ./install.

Updating to WAS
Installing Fix Pack
All Websphere related services needs to b down during updation.
1.Unzip file. Unzip will give you 2 folders UpdateInstaller and JDK .
unzip to UpdateInstaller folder and run ./install to install the updater for WAS
3.By default it installs to ../IBMEX/WebSphere/UpdateInstaller/ location.
4.Copy all the *.pak files to ../IBMEX/WebSphere/UpdateInstaller/maintenance folder

cp -rf *.pak  ../IBMEX/WebSphere/UpdateInstaller/maintenance to ../IBMEX/WebSphere/UpdateInstaller/ folder and run ./
Or if doesnot invoke installer then use java -jar update.jar to invoke installer.
6.update packages in following manner.
i.HTTP server update
ii.Plugin Update
iii.AppServer update.

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