No buffers left in pool error Autovue

The AutoVue log reports messages of format “ERROR JVueServer0: No buffers left in pool, allocating temporary buffer of size 139264” – which means AutoVue added more memory to the VM. If we are continuously getting sam error then it means, we are periliously close to running out of memory.So stop autovue from crashing we can follow below steps: To avoid this kind of situations we need to bump up the memory to support the work load. Below are few steps to do it. from the logs it seems to be java pool is getting short of memory. change the Xmx value to512M for each docserver.cmdline, jvueserverx.nt.cmdline¬† in in where Xmx is 128M(Default) first one is for Doc server and second is for Jvueserverx.exe service.

docserver.cmdline=-Xmx128M"C:\Program Files\jVue\bin\policy" -Dlog4j.configuration="file:/C:\Program Files\jVue\bin\" com.cimmetry.jvueserver.docserver.DocServer -p"C:\Program

jvueserverx.nt.cmdline=-Xmx128M"C:\Program Files\jVue\bin\policy" -Dlog4j.configuration="file:/C:\Program Files\jVue\bin\" com.cimmetry.jvueserver.JVueServer -p"C:\Program Files\jVue\bin\"

We should check AutoVue sizing docs to get the exact memory required according to concurrent user access and size of Doc.

cleanup the old logfile before adding the settings and restarting, so that it will create a new one with the newly set property

In the file search for


just below to the line add following to rotate the log. To limit the size of the Autovue log file, set:


Example: If you wish to limit the size to 10 MB, you can set


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