Distributed transaction service configuration

Use this task to change the transaction log properties, to move your transaction logs to a new location, or to update the parameters for the server's transaction logs.
#--Configuring properties of distributed transaction service -- params nodeName and serverName
proc modifytransactionLogDirLoc {} {
	global ScriptLocation;  source "$ScriptLocation/Definitions.jacl"
	puts "************************************************************************"
	puts "----  		Configuring properties for transaction service	    ----"
	puts "************************************************************************"
	#Params passed local
	set transactionLogDirLoc "/opt/IBM/transaction.log"
	set aServer [$AdminConfig getid /Node:$nodeName/Server:$serverName/]
	set aTransService [$AdminConfig list TransactionService $aServer]
	set totTrantimeoutAttr [list totalTranLifetimeTimeout 500]
	set inactTimeoutAttr [list clientInactivityTimeout 50]
	set logDirAttr [list transactionLogDirectory $transactionLogDirLoc]
	set attrs [list $totTrantimeoutAttr $inactTimeoutAttr $logDirAttr]
	$AdminConfig modify $aTransService $attrs
	$AdminConfig save

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