Connection failed RPC Exception: access denied


Q.Why can’t I connect to my Microsoft Access .mdb file using the Microsoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge?
The problem is likely to be that the Microsoft Access .mdb file is on a mapped network drive that can only be accessed by a named user.
There are three possible solutions:

* Move the .mdb file to a drive that can be accessed by a service.
* Add the following attributes to the JDBC connection URL:

Q.Why do I get error like “Connection failed RPC Exception: access denied ( ip address/server name:8031 connect,resolve)” when trying to connect in the test applet using a fully qualified JDBC URL?
Check the Datasource Urls and hostname provided for datasource.

Q.Why I’m getting below error while validating a query.

Check the DATAACCESS and DBDRIVER parameters in configuration.
Check the datasource connectivity.
Check the datasource Url.

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