How enable http tunneling in weblogic

Oracle Weblogic Server

As t3 protocol is not supported over cluster due to presence of proxy host (Web Tier). We are required to do http tunneling over t3. Please follow below steps to achive this.


1) Configuring http proxy host

Modify httpd.conf or mod_wl_ohs.conf at


<Location /HTTPClnt>

SetHandler weblogic-handler


WLLogFile /tmp/web_log.log


Restart using ./opmnctl stopall, startall

2) Configuring Weblogic Server

a. Login to console

b. Click Admin and each manager server

c. Click Protocols -> HTTP-> Enable Tunneling

d. Save the configuration and Restart Admin and Managed Servers(ms1 and ms2)

After following the above two steps, configure client to connect as



Note: If you notice below error after configuration then change the location to <Location /bea_wls_internal> instead of <Location /HTTPClnt>

"Destination unreachable,"

For more info please visit below docs:

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