Jul 232012

1_Update the cert my_managed_server01 (private key *.jks and the new cert file *.cer is already created and copied it to the certs directory)

cd /opt/bea/domains/MyProdDomain/certs

Execute below command to import the key

keytool -import -alias mykey -file my_managed_server01.techpaste.com.cer -keystore my_managed_server01.jks -storepass importkey

2_logon to http://Adminserver01:7001/console
-go to Environment > Servers > my_managed_server01 > Configuration >SSL

-update “Private Key Alias:” to mykey if different name is there already.

SSL Configuration Weblogic

3_ Restart SSL on the console

-go to Environment > Servers > my_managed_server01 > Control > Restart SSL (do not restart anything else)
Weblogic SSL Restart

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