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Deployment for Package

Package Name:

1) a) Take the file from the build location and place it in the Integration Server inbound shared directory


b) Login to Integration Server management interface for the correct environment deployed to

c) Navigate to Packages -> Management

d) Click “Install Inbound Releases”

e) Select from the “Release file name” drop down list.Make sure that “Activate upon installation” is checked and click on Install Release

f) Select “Return to Packages Management”

2) Synchronize the Publishable documents in the package with the Broker using webMethods Developer
a) Login to webMethods Developer using Admin Credentials for one of the servers deployed to.
b) Click on File -> Sync Document Type -> All Out of Sync
c) Look for the document named Application/DocName.
d) if this document DOES NOT have the status of “In Sync with Broker” then click the button “Set All to Skip” and change the Action for this document to “Push to Broker” and click Synchronize.

3) Ensure all packages are loaded completely with no errors

4) Set folder access permission in IS
a) Login to the Integration Server via Webmethods Developer
b) Navigate to
The list of the web service Consumer are given below. Double click to view to check the Execute ACL

c) In the properties tab, check if the Execute ACL permission is Anonymous. If it is not anonymous,select Anonymous from the dropdown for Execute ACL and save the changes.

Note: If unable to see the properties window then refresh the developer using menu ‘Refresh’ or pressing key ‘F5’.
d) Repeat the above step for each of the WebService Descriptors in the list.
e) Save All and Unlock the services.

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  1. Some what related to deployment a package.. but not fully helpful.

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