Jul 102011
ibm websphere
Below JACL script can be used to Check If cluster exists and get parent config id wsadmin. For Jython scripts on the same can be attained from IBM here.
#     -- do we have a cluster by this name? 
#-- Check If cluster exists and get config ID of cluster
proc chk_getClusterID {} {

	puts "checklist: -- Checking for cluster $clusterName ..."
	set clusterId [$AdminConfig getid /ServerCluster:$clusterName/]
	if { [llength $clusterId] == 0 } {
	puts "checklist: -- Cluster by name $clusterName does not exists ..."
	puts "$clusterId"
	return 0
	} else {
	puts "checklist: -- Cluster $clusterName found."
	puts "checklist: -- ClusterID: $clusterId"
	return 1

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